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Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is designed to help youths to start their entrepreneurship journey. It is not only camp, it is a complete cycle of LINK, LEARN & LAUNCH. Youths with entrepreneurship mindset can come to this camp and our world class mentors guide them how to transform their idea to start up. Recently we have established Business Incubation & Innovation Centre (BIIC) which provides all services to startup to scale up and give them real companies. While the majority of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for youths only talks about ideas and validation, we take it one step further. We believe that only by building and selling can youths truly learn the core fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

  • Link
    During the Bootcamp, youth entrepreneurs will know each other and share their ideas with colleague and mentors, take feedback for pitch ideas, form teams, validate business models, and get personal mentorship from top world class mentors.    
  • Learn
    After Bootcamp youth will learn further tools and stage of startup then preparing prototype of service or products. They will learn technology, Management skills; participate in different platform and activities. Teams will then create real products or service that will solve the real problem of society and enhance the lives of people with the guidance of our mentor

  • Launch
    After making prototype they will go to market for beta testing and various type of research and making marketing and branding plans. The company provides opportunities to pitch the product or services to the investors. Startups will launch the product to the market, and generate real footprint. We are committed to provide all necessary support to our youths and their startup to scale up their business.
  • Seed Fund
    In near future we are going to establish a Seed Fund which helps our youth entrepreneurs to carry on and develop their business.

Success is like waking up in the morning, whoever you are, wherever you are, however old or young because there’s something out there you love to do, that you believe in, that you’re good at – something that’s bigger than you are, hopes and aspirations and a desire to build business and you can hardly wait to get at it again, come join Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp!!

– Mentor Kartik Mehta


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